Season 8 Episode 4 – His Penis Did A U-Turn


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Fanfics read: Not-Tiny Hermione (by GiantessLover) A Whore for Bigfoot (by TooBigToFit) Flavortown University (by shlonglord) Reporting for Duty (by Jason) Doctor Hoo (by x-sparklegurl1997-x) Readers: Stevo, David, Val, Logan, Shawn, LackofSense, Afrohawk Hey, everyone! Stevo here, posting from out of state! Currently at VGMCon, so I will have to make this writeup brief. LackofSense and Afrohawk joined us for our first experiment in the new ordering for the show, and it worked out really well. We got through FIVE stories. Ted Cruz may or may not be in one of them. You’ll just have to listen to find out! Thanks as always to our Patrons and fans! To grab the fanfics and more, go to

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