Season 9 Episode 4 – MEAT FIRST


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Fanfics read: 69 Hues of Deez Nuts 9 Columbo finds out who Cucked Roger Rabbit (by BusterManwomb) 69 Hues of Deez Nuts 6 Disney Reboots Indiana Jones (by BusterManwomb) Readers: Stevo, David, Logan, Shawn, Afrohawk, Waffle DAMN YOU, BUSTER MANWOMB! YOU DID THIS TO ME! *sigh* why did I even open my big mouth. A few episodes ago, we read about Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz and editorialized Columbo into it. Well, now Mister Manwomb wrote a story involving Columbo just for us, so we gotta read it. The crossovers abound in this double-trouble episode of masculine baby organs fanfics. After Columbo and Roger Rabbit we dive into Indiana Jones and some absolutely pants-shitting horrifying imagery. Waffle and Afrohawk tried to help us get through it. It was a marginal help. To grab the fanfics and more, go to

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