Season 9 Episode 6 – What are the odds that your parents are assholes


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Fanfics read: Give Me Something (by blame1988) Keijo Futanari Girls (by snakebit1995) Realizations of Emotions (by Oscar-Wilde-Inspired) A Tent Scene (by Rene) Readers: Stevo, David, Val, Logan, Shawn, D-LUCKS Well, shit. A new threshold has been breached. We finally read some fanfic about real life Hockey players. And it’s super weird. But apparently there’s some good dick sucking involved. D-Lucks joins us after we part ways with the fic after that, involving Keijo girls becoming Futanari. We move on to the Spanish Fly follow up for CSI from a few seasons ago, and then with some vanilla LOTR stuff. Overall, it was a messy time. Delicious. To grab the fanfics and more, go to

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