Season 9 Episode 9 - 'Sometimes the Orphans Explode'


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Fanfics read: Sweet Salvation A Homer and Flanders Love Story (by juicydickhugger) Snakes on a Plane (by Hans von Hozel) Winnie the Pooh Assimilated by the Borg (by Peter Malak) The Room (by Hans von Hozel) Animal Farm (by Hans von Hozel) Mass Effect (by Hans von Hozel) Half-Life (by Hans von Hozel) Australia (by Hans von Hozel) Readers: Stevo, David, Shawn, Mirri, Epidehl We read a LOT of stories in this one! And Logan and Val weren't there either, so we had to actually try hard to carry the load this go around. Mirri and Epidehl joined us later but there's so many stories I'd have to write at least TWO paragraphs in order to list them all out. And I'm a very, very lazy person. So...just dive right in, and get some holy hammers in your didly! To grab the fanfics and more, go to

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