Ep. 313 - Christianity Meets The Coronavirus


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Please support the show at https://www.patreon.com/friendlyatheistpodcast Jessica and I sat down to talk about several stories from the past week involving religion and politics. — Toilet paper is not a tool for proselytizing. (2:45) — Televangelist Jim Bakker finally stopped selling his “Silver Solution,” which his show claimed cured coronavirus in under 12 hours. (6:42) — An Orthodox Israeli rabbi blamed coronavirus on homosexuality. (14:35) — Most white evangelicals think Donald Trump is moral, honest, and intelligent. Really. (16:45) — A message for the Bernie-or-Bust folks. (24:18) — Florida lawmakers want to let students pray over the loudspeaker before athletic events. (41:58) — You’re not outsmarting atheists when you wear a Bible shirt. (47:40) — Pixar’s Onward has been banned in four countries. (55:20)

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