Revengecast S03E06 - Dissolution


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OKAY SO. I respect you enough to lie to you (at least not completely) so I'm gonna be real as I can when I say that the Final Fantasy 14 patch came out today and I want to do some dungeons, and besides, I'm tried of working with this file because the audio is crappy at points and got all crackly with the sibilance and is that like maybe an error with the sample rate causing these artefacts and does it also have something to do with the fact that the source WAV file is a few minutes shorter inside of Audition than when I just load it up in VLC? Moving on, don't you think I would've learned some of these things in the past decade? Doesn't it make you reflect on what you're doing with your life??? ANYWAY, PARTS OF THIS SOUND NOT SO GREAT. I hope that doesn't detract too much from our sassy talk about NPR Podcasts, Strictly Far Too Close Filial Relationships, Bad News Beach Surveys, and Someone (Probably) Named Sarah in this episode of Revenge where you feel like a lot happened, but reflecting on it you're like "did it?" At the same time, you have to wonder "is that because we didn't go a good job painting our word tapestry?" But that road really just leads to self-doubt, so to stave it off we huff deeply of the perfumes that make up Nolan's budding (and I do mean budding, like a bug or a fungus) sex life with Patrick (because it involves bugs and maybe also fungus) and the gross potentiality of Danny having an affair with someone who Isn't Like Other Girls because she Drinks Beer and Is Working Class. Which I suppose is nothing new for the people who brought you Jack Porter and also Declan Porter and also Carl Porter and also Their Friend Matt (or was it Mike?) and we finally, finally, finally get the first official meeting of THE SOCIETY FOR THE FRIENDS OF ARMALARM (SANS AIDEN, SO I GUESS NOT REALLY, BUT GIVE IT TIME) But really, I guess, the Mother/Son relationship that veers a little too close to an Arrested-Development-Gag-But-Played-Straight has got NOTHINS on the part where Conrad's real estate broker makes a super bad pun about sex when she says "I love a good master." And I kind of feel like it's sad in that way where it's like "is this just how old people are depicted as flirting on TV or is this the fate we're all doomed for? And who do I ask? And how do I cope when they tell me I'm already there?" Hey look, it's been a hard 2017. But it's about to get better! Because, now that I've got that out the gate, I'm off for some of dat: We'll do better next time! (...proportionately...?) Topics for Consideration:

Resume Gaps Rebecca Stone's Effective Yet Tasteful Wardrobe Sex Brunch Debrief Honey Money Me Time The Cat that Ate the Canary and/or Cream

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