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Friends of the Show Episode 50! with Chris Locke @ChrisLockeFun!

‘There’s No Meaning to Any of This’ – Jim Carrey

This week’s guest has been making me laugh for over a decade! A constant force of funny in the Toronto and Canadian and world scene, it’s Chris Locke! I was so privileged to be able to have gotten a seat at his first album taping The World is Embarrassing and it’s been so great watching everything he does, always so funny- that’s why I am so excited to have him here this week thank you so much and welcome Chris Locke!

PLUS If you listened to the episode with Kyle I Davidson you would have heard him mention that Chris is his FAVOURITE STANDUP IN THE WORLD!

Check out Chris’ Great Stuff Here:
Utopia to Me? Podcast with great guests including the hilarious Nicks Nemeroff and Flanagan and so many hilarious people

NEW comedy Album Demons are eating my head

Learning Nature with Chris Locke on Funny or Die

Chris’ videos on YouTube

The video Chris did with Nathan:
Side of SMOOTH – Morning Walk On YouTube


It would be my dream for @JimCarrey to paint my portrait. Please RT so he can see this and make my dream come true. Thank you! One love to the world. ❤ 🌎

— #JimPaintChris (@chrislockefun) April 8, 2018

Weird thing 2005 movie ‘Personal Effects’ where Casper Van Dien plays Chris Locke: Here

Chris’ Story: Subway to Hawaii

Talkin’ Twitter:
Been on twitter since: June 2009

Chris’ Tweets:

Twitter is like reading all of the voices Professor X can hear.

— #JimPaintChris (@chrislockefun) May 3, 2017

My Pick:

I just started petting my folded up sweatpants on the bed because I thought it was my cat.

— #JimPaintChris (@chrislockefun) December 17, 2014

Chris’ Picks from Others:
From one of my favourites, Aaron Eves!! So glad this tweet got on the podcast:

A finely worded tweet is like a wine that the older it gets then it becomes more good.

— Aaron Eves (@AaronEves) July 19, 2014

From Mike Balazo one of the famed Balazo Brothers!

Friday Night Plans

hit the club
sip some drinks
talk to a beauty
spill state secrets
get arrested
media circus
executed for treason

— Michael A. Balazo (@mbalazo) January 30, 2015

Questions from Twitter:

Do you have any stories of memorable illness?

How about stories of surprising good luck?

— Thomas Brendel 🔀 (@theSolemnBard) June 5, 2018

If you were abandoned, nude, in the forest, what would you do? What would you eat? Would you make a pair of shorts out of sticks and leaves?

— Todd 'Papi' Carlos (@TheToddWilliams) June 10, 2018

Who are some of the people who you would consider to be the most influential on your sense of humour?

— jess (@jessokfine) June 10, 2018

– are you still friends with your first ever best friend?
– what is the worst punishment (non-legal) you’ve ever received for bad behavior?

— Timmy™ (@TheTimmyToes) June 10, 2018

What has been your favourite @UtopiaToMe episode so far?
Where is the weirdest place you have done stand up?
Who is the most famous person that went to your high school?
Why does four questions feel like too many?

— Kyle Davidson (@kyleidavidson) June 10, 2018

Write in from Jeff DSilva – are you a light skinned indian? jk – real question- why did you shave your facial hair?

Classic question from Wife Cat – What’s the best meal you’ve ever had

Thanks Chris!

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