Earth Oddity 67: Drug Fueled Shrimp Fest


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News Links for the Week: Virginia man shoots two people after argument over which is better brand: Chevy or Ford?: Indian army says it found yeti footprints in the Himalayas: Cruise ship in St. Lucia quarantined over confirmed measles case: Device created to measure cow flatulence: Guy Stunts On Instagram With Twin Baby Mommas: Toolbox poopy trap, dog feces explodes: 2 Off-Duty Philly Cops and Retired Philly Officer Accused of Fighting Florida Deputy at Restaurant: Scientists stumped as to why shrimp is testing positive for cocaine: We would to thank Cajun Curl Original Spice for their support! For some spice that's extra nice that taste spicy but doesn't feel spicy, check them out over at Be sure and use coupon code EOP10 and get ten percent off your order. Special thanks to Silencyde for providing the music! Check out his music on Soundcloud here, on his YouTube channel here, and on Facebook here. We want to hear from you! Please email the show You can also follow us on Twitter @_earthoddity and on Instagram at _earthoddity. You can call us at (662) 493-2059! Please don't hesitate to leave us a voicemail, we want to hear your voice! Also like us on Facebook here and while your there, don't forget to join our group page and take part in all the hilarity that ensues! Have a great week and we love you! God bless you every one!

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