138 CCNT “Mind Kontrol FAILS & the Virtual Pan-App-ticon” - 05.08.2019


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This week, AI is learning Dad Jokes, Facial Recognition tech receives downgrade by law enforcement, predictive programming isn’t working correctly (climate change/aliens), and the virtual panopticon is in an App! Go follow us on our new Twitch channel and stay tuned, as we will soon announce the date of our first live stream! And we know it’s not the best platform right now, but join us on Patreon to get MORE! AGG for the WEEK of May 1st-May 8th YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, FOLKS! This Site Tests Whether You Can Spot AI-Generated Faces The Guy Who Bought a SpaceX Ticket to the Moon Is Broke NASA eyes soft robots for dirty jobs on the moon and Mars - CNET THE FUTURE! S-money: Ultra-secure form of virtual money proposed Specific People Are Weirdly Good at Predicting the Future The Spycraft Revolution – Foreign Policy TECHNOLOGY, ROBOTS, AND AI! OH MY! San Francisco is about to be the first city in the U.S. to ban facial recognition. Scientists Figured Out How to Make Neural Networks 90 Percent Smaller—but Just as Smart A Neural Net Hooked Up to a Monkey Brain Spat Out Bizarre Images Artificial Intelligence May Not 'Hallucinate' After All | WIRED These Robotic Objects Are Designed to Be Stabbed and Beaten to Help You Feel Better - IEEE Spectrum Watch This “Police Robot” Pull a Car Over Watch This Hulking Robot Play “The Floor Is Lava” Investor Sues After an AI’s Automated Trades Cost Him $20 Million Microsoft Word’s New “AI Editor” Scolds You for Gendered Language This AI Is Spitting Out Coherent, Almost-Funny Dad Puns An algorithm wipes clean the criminal pasts of thousands - BBC News Artificial Intelligence Is Creating A Fake World -- What Does That Mean For Humans? CONSPIRACY THEORIES AND SOMETIMES FACTS! NBC reporter scolded on air after comparing UN climate change report to alien invasion | Fox News Instagram May Combat Anti-Vaxxer Misinformation With Pop-up Ads Donald Trump slams Facebook after Infowars Alex Jones, James Woods ban SPACE/ALIENS/ETs/UFOs Could Life on Earth Have Come from Another Star System? | Space Habitability of Planets Will Depend on Their Interiors - Universe Today The World’s Strongest Laser is About to Simulate a Supernova BIOMEDICAL/GENETICS/TRANSHUMANISM Genetic Editing Goes Rogue Cryptic mutation is cautionary tale for crop gene editing -- ScienceDaily New Video Shows 3D Printed Lung “Breathing” Google Backs Plan to Use CRISPR to Cure Heart Disease It's time we stopped human evolution – geneticist GAMING! Scientists Identify “Pokémon Region” in Gamers’ Brains — Seriously “Magic: The Gathering” is officially the world’s most complex game - MIT Technology Review China PC online game market report 2019 | PC Gamer This video game can detect early stages of Alzheimer's better than medical tests, researchers say - BECAUSE SCIENCE! The Air Force Just Tested a Laser Weapon for Fighter Jets CERN's flagship travelling exhibition goes to India | CERN CRYPTOCURRENCY AND THE B-B-B-BLOCK CHAIN Satoshi Identity To Be Unveiled On May 14th Craig Wright Ordered To List ‘Satoshi’s’ Bitcoins By Florida Court Bitcoin surges by +400%, hits $30,000 on Coin Stats, causing people to 'spill drinks' and have 'mini heart attacks' - AMBCrypto THE NEW AGE AND OCCULT IN THE NEWS A 'witchcraft extortion scheme' led by a 'sorcerer' targeted hundreds seeking love The US just officially recognized the Satanic Temple as a religion - Business Insider How Cults Made America | The New Yorker Is Religious Decline Inevitable in the United States? | The Exchange | A Blog by Ed Stetzer FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE TECHNOCALYPSE Elon Musk reveals terrifying and impressive length of his working week | Metro News SOCIAL MEDIA/GOOGLE/AMAZON Fear-based social media Nextdoor, Citizen, Amazon’s Neighbors is getting more popular - Vox Google says it will address AI, machine learning model bias with technology called TCAV | ZDNet Senate Dems' social media poll finds more users want Supreme Court justices like Kavanaugh than Ginsburg | Fox News Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T Hit With Class Action Lawsuit Over Selling Customers’ Location Data - VICE BIRDS AREN’T REAL Drones’ Batteries Could Last Longer if They Could Perch Like Birds

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