144 CCNT “Zuck Buck and Libra” - 06.19.2019


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Basil is still traversing time and space, so Gonz is joined by Sean from SGT Report to discuss coach spies, US in the world of gaming, the new global coin project from Facebook’s Libra project, and Zuckerberg’s Deep Fake. Go follow us on our new Twitch channel and stay tuned, as we will soon announce the date of our first live stream! And we know it’s not the best platform right now, but join us on Patreon to get MORE! AGG for the WEEK of June 12th-June 19th YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, FOLKS! (DeepFake) Deepfaked Mark Zuckerberg Looks Uncannily Like the Real Thing New deepfake algorithm allows you to text-edit the words of a speaker in a video Can copyright law combat deepfakes? CALLED IT! Facebook aims to shake up finance with its Libra cryptocurrency - CNET BASIL’S CAREER ADVICE Python Could Rule the Machine Learning/A.I. World FLIPPY AND FAM! Dishcraft launches with a massive robotics-powered dishwashing system | TechCrunch Anyone can program this cheap robot arm in just 15 minutes - MIT Technology Review TECHNOLOGY, ROBOTS, AND AI! OH MY! Someone Used a Neural Network to Draw Doom Guy in High-Res MIT researchers taught robots to link senses like sight and touch This Robot Will Make Any Car a Self-Driving Car Sweeping changes: How iRobot evolved from military robots to autonomous vacuums | VentureBeat The fourth Industrial revolution emerges from AI and the Internet of Things | Ars Technica Opinion | ‘There’s Just No Doubt That It Will Change the World’: David Chalmers on V.R. and A.I. - A new chip lets robots “imagine” their actions before they make a move - MIT Technology Review Domino’s will start delivering pizzas via an autonomous robot this fall - The Washington Post AI is worse at identifying household items from lower-income countries - The Verge Anyone can program this cheap robot arm in just 15 minutes - MIT Technology Review DJI's first educational robot is a $500 drone tank 'Optionally manned' robotic gun is Army's latest step toward autonomous weapons | ZDNet CONSPIRACY THEORIES AND SOMETIMES FACTS! Dad of Sandy Hook victim wins suit against conspiracy theorists U.S. Government Announces Critical Warning For Microsoft Windows Users Angela Merkel seen visibly shaking while standing next to Ukraine’s president; blames dehydration | Alex Jones hit with sanctions by judge in Sandy Hook lawsuit - CNN Trump’s conspiracy theories about intelligence will make the CIA’s job harder - The Washington Post CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA Boaty McBoatface, Internet-Adored Sub, Makes Deep-Sea Discovery On Climate Change : NPR Renewable energy: the global transition, explained in 12 charts - Vox The Melting Arctic Is Releasing Poison, Disease and Nuclear Waste SPACE/ALIENS/ETs/UFOs Astronomers Peer Back 13 Billion Years and See Two Galaxies Colliding Astronomers Have Spotted a New Crater on Mars That's Like Nothing They've Ever Seen UFO sighting: NASA SOHO space probe spots ’giant alien disk’ shoot out of 'HOLLOW' NASA ramps up search for alien planets, may use huge 'starshade' | Fox News "Big Bang Vanishes" --Quantum Theory Describes an Eternal Universe | The Daily Galaxy We Just Found 2 of The Most Earth-Like Exoplanets Yet, Only 12.5 Light Years Away Big Bang BOMBSHELL: Are we living inside a HUGE higher dimensional black hole? Astronomers searching for alien life release biggest set of data in history | The Independent Apollo 11 astronaut Michael Collins reveals unseen photo of Moon landing crew he 'found at the bottom of a box' BIOMEDICAL/GENETICS/TRANSHUMANISM GMO Wheat Escapes Lab, Grows in the Wild Probably Genetic helps families identify genetic conditions early with AI and DNA tests | TechCrunch Tracking life's first step: Two molecules 'awaken' brand new genome Gene Increases Risk for Pot Addiction - Scientific American BECAUSE SCIENCE! Scientists discover infinite decay and rebirth in quantum particles Neuroscientists 3-D model 'face identity information' stored in the brain When Will Quantum Computers Outperform Regular Computers? THE NEW AGE AND OCCULT IN THE NEWS At the Met Breuer, Awe-Inspiring Sculptures of Deities Show How an Indian Artist Forged Her Own Personal Language for Fabric Art The working witches of Los Angeles just want you to be your best self - Los Angeles Times FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE TECHNOCALYPSE Amazon to AOC: Excuse You, Our Employees Live Like Kings on $15/Hour | Vanity Fair Elon Musk Doesn't Learn, Posts Uncredited Artwork, Deletes Tweet CRYPTOCURRENCY & THE B-B-B-BLOCKCHAIN Bitcoin Becomes “Money,” One Satoshi Now More Valuable Than Some National Currencies | NewsBTC SOCIAL MEDIA/GOOGLE/AMAZON Genius hid a Morse code message in song lyrics to prove Google was copying them – BGR NASA boss says 'no doubt' SpaceX explosion delays flight program | Article [AMP] | Reuters Instagram couple criticized for asking followers to fund $11,000 trip - INSIDER Google pledges $1 billion to ease the Silicon Valley housing crisis it helped create - The Verge I Used Cash at Amazon's Cashless Store and I'm So Sorry, Rahim

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