Making a Living on YouTube and The Passion Economy


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Welcome to the inaugural episode of this new podcast, From 1 to 100! 😱🥳 In this first episode, I thought I would give you some background on my story and how I came to the idea for this podcast. My goal is to create a platform for creators looking to use YouTube to make a living doing what they love without having to chase numbers. This podcast will focus on applying the passion economy business model which emphasizes on the depth instead of the volume of communities. So if that sounds interesting to you, subscribe and stay tuned!

A big part of this episode includes the audio from my most recent video, MAKING A LIVING ON YOUTUBE. You can watch the video version here:

Also, there will be a livestream component to this podcast so if you want to tune in and chat in real time, head on over to my tutorial channel every Tuesday at 1pm PST. The first livestream will kick off on May 25, 2021 at 1pm PST at But stick around here for the exclusive audio content (for when I don’t feel like getting camera ready 😝).

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🟣 FROM 1 TO 100 is a livestream podcast where we talk about building your YouTube community from 1 (that’s you) to 100 so that you can make a living doing what you love. On this show, we share tips, tools, and tidbits about to help you build a business around being a YouTube creator in the passion economy. Tune in LIVE every Tuesday at 1pm PST!



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