Fast Growth Founder On How Hiring, Diversification, & Leadership Style Mistakes Helped Him Grow


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Nathan's enthusiasm is infectious. You can hear it in his voice as he describes his quick ascent to being a successful Founder. Yet, that success came quick and he had to learn how to adjust his style after a previous boss may have led him astray about a better way to interact with team members. In this interview, Nathan is transparent about what he has learned on the path from Founder to CEO. He explains...

  • Why he started FreeeUp after building a $20 million company in 4 years
  • What he learned from his first manager and how his impacted his leadership as Founder
  • The painful lessons he learned about hiring effectively
  • Why diversification applies to partners, clients, and your team members
  • Why having a co-founder who is different than you is so helpful
  • Why agenda-less meetings with his individual team members are so fruitful

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