Master Your Divine Energy Matrix -with Virginia Rounds Griffiths

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NOTE: This call is PACKED with amazing energy clearings. Virginia worked on the whole group and then she helped with tons of issues including heart walls, ENTITIES, Radiation, food allergies and many more. These will work on you too!

POWERFUL Triple Heart Clearing!!!!! Works on YOU!

Virginia Rounds brings 20 years of experience to the tele-summit world.

She was born in the South Pacific and attributes many of her inherent gifts to her ancient LeMurian heritage.

On this call we experienced a powerful process to release entities and cut cords that were holding us back.

By connecting with Divine Energy Matrix you can also reconnect to your soul, find clarity and rejuvenate.

If you’re ready to be the master of your health, wealth and happiness...

You can’t afford to miss this call!


Master Your Divine Energy Matrix

In this call :

  • Enrich your Body, Mind and Spirit by rediscovering your connection to the Source
  • Transmute all of your Food Intolerances for your wellbeing
  • Alchemize the effects of radiation from technology for your optimum health
  • ReConnect, ReAlign, and ReClaim your Birthright
  • Hear from the Clairvoyant who witnessed her own healing and knows the process is working

Become The Ripple Effect In Your Own Life...

Don’t Miss This Call!


About Virginia Rounds Griffiths: Virginia Rounds is an International Multi-Dimensional Energy Alchemist, Teacher and Intuitive who has worked worldwide; including Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the UK and the USA.

Virginia was born in the South Pacific and attributes many of her inherent gifts to her ancient LeMurian heritage. Virginia has been a spiritual intuitive all of her life and has a deep love and knowledge of working with spirit and energy; she works closely with her Spiritual TEAM and regularly uses the powerful art of Ho’oponopono in connection with her Kahuna lineage.

She has also studied many modalities including Pranic Healing, Signature Cell Healing, Magnetic Healing, EFT, Ho’oponopono and more; she is also a Reiki and Seichim Master…

Virginia adds “It’s with complete honour and humility I proudly access powerful healing energies in connection with my Spiritual Hierarchy TEAM with whom I have been blessed to work for 20 plus years. I am dedicated to being of service to all sentient beings on Mother Earth and I have dedicated my life to Mother/Father Divine Creator”.

Here’s What Eram Saeed Has To Say About Virginia…

“I worked with Virginia at the beginning of the year when I was suffering from a lot of pressure in my head and an initial exam had suggested a possibility of a tumor in the brain or something that was causing blood flow to be restricted to parts of my brain.

When Virginia scanned my brain remotely she told me she was quite sure it wasn't a tumor at all and that the brain wasn't getting enough blood to the frontal lobe. I went for SPECT scan next week and lo and behold that’s EXACTLY what my doctor found out!

I was stunned how accurate Virginia was. She didn't beat around the bush and was very confident....sometimes all you need is an accurate answer.

She also did some other energy releases for me in that session including one with the Lords of Karma and I felt powerful energy moving through. She is an amazing energy worker and I highly recommend her work.”

~ Eram Saeed

The MIRACULOUS results experienced by others:

“I Felt Bright, Expansive And Blissful”

“Virginia is a gentle and compassionate healer. In just one session, Virginia and her team of Angels removed entities, repaired tears in my auric field, cleared my etheric, emotional and mental bodies/fields, cut cords, repaired some damage to my chakras and so much more.

I don’t always feel anything when I receive energy work but I could definitely feel energy shifting in my body and I felt tingling sensations during these processes.

Towards the end of the session I felt bright, expansive and blissful and I continued to feel this way after the session. The sensation of blissfulness and peacefulness was a new and wonderful experience for me.

We worked on my lack of self worth that stemmed from this lifetime as well as past life times and also had genetic and ancestral origin. We also worked on my doubts around my intuitive abilities.

The following day after my session with Virginia I was surprised and really pleased to notice a new level of confidence when I was doing healing work and I also felt a deeper trust with my work. Thank you so much Virginia.”

~ Lesley

“To Live The Highest Expression Of Myself”

“Hi everyone, I was one of the very fortunate people chosen for a backstage pass, 1:1 session with Virginia Rounds Griffiths. This was the very first time I was ever chosen to receive a backstage pass, and what an honor and blessing it was.

Virginia's abilities far exceed what her bio reads, because it's very hard to put into words how profound her work is. One of my hardest issues is the family dynamics and culture that I was born and raised in, obligation, guilt, etc, very suffocating.

Virginia worked on healing my chakras, healing the tears in my auric field, removing entities, implants and dissolving cords. She gave me some wonderful tools that could be used on the spot to ground, dissolve cords, and protect myself on daily basis.

One of my greatest desires is to live the highest expression of myself and to live on purpose, this has always seemed to evade me.

Virginia Rounds Griffiths held the space for me to to make a deeper connection to my heart and assisted me with calling in my soul to make a stronger union with myself. This union was the most blissful, beautiful and loving feeling I had ever experienced.

What I said to Virginia afterwards was, the connection that she helped me make with myself was priceless, and it was worth more to me than money, diamonds and gold put together. My prayers for everyone who is searching for whatever, will actually have the chance to experience and receive a deep love for oneself as I did.

Eram Saeed, thank you once again for bringing to this community another true divine healer and teacher such as Virginia Rounds Griffiths and I am super excited for her debut. Much love and infinite gratitude Virginia and to everyone in this community.”

~ Maria Giantosios

“Reconnected Me With Divine Source”

“Thank you to a BackStage Pass, on Tuesday I had an amazing 1 on 1 session with Virginia Rounds Griffiths. I most said that was a complete overhaul, she scanned and cleared me of entities, she cleared the energy of my physical and spiritual bodies, 1 by 1.

She scanned and clear implants, she cleared all my chakras, again 1 by 1, with loving patience and care. After all the clearing, she finally reconnected me with divine source.

Not only that, but she taught me how to keep clean of all the energies that do not belong to me. I felt like new! Was the most comprehensive work I have experience.

Thank you so much Virginia! you rock!”

~ Martha Umana

“Anxiety Since Age 6… Gone In ONE Session!”

“Thank you Virginia - my Anxiety issues which I had since I was 6 years old triggered by my mother having an epileptic seizure and which I had totally forgotten about, no longer troubles me.

My session with Virginia - one only - allowed me to remember and release that trauma - I am FREE.”

~ Annabelle Cleary - London, UK

“Success Where Other Therapies Failed”

“I have known Virginia for over 2 years now and have had several therapy sessions with her; each one with transformational success. Where psychoanalysis or other therapy sessions failed, I found hypnotherapy sessions on my anxiety and a few past-life therapy regressions a fast-track way to understand "what makes me tick””

~ Sandra - Sydney, NSW

“Regenerate My Feminine Spirit”

“Virginia guides you through each of these sessions with love, compassion and kindness in abundance. Her gentleness and empathy aids in placing implicit trust in her technique to unravel memories, some of which could be as old as a few lifetimes...

My sessions with her have made me understand and resolve my relationship with my mother; regenerate my feminine spirit and given me confidence in understanding my own strength as a woman first and then as a human being.”

~ Sophia – Australia

“Overcoming Past Life Death Fears”

“I came to Virginia uncertain and apprehensive of what I might be letting myself in for. I am so glad I did!

I've always had an issue I had with the water which meant I could not go near the beach or even swimming pools. This was eliminated in that first session.

In a past life I had drowned and with this realisation I was able to release the fear of water and have started swimming lessons...

I am totally free of my water fears now - thank you words cannot express my feelings enough.”

~ Debbie Watson - Bracknell, Berkshire

“Virginia’s Reiki Training”

“I had the pleasure of being Virginia's student for Reiki I and II. I have to say that I did not only receive the training and the attunements for Reiki, she also made me realise that everything works using my heart and setting my intention.

She's not just a Reiki teacher; she is also a Spiritual Coach that works from the heart and does not limit her teachings to the course she is teaching.

I'm a very skeptical person by nature, but Virginia handled it really well and made me experience the evidence of what was being taught, gave me tools to prove the work being done. For me, that was one of the most important things that I take with me from being her student.

After realising that what I learned, had impacted in the reality, my heart started working in a more open way and my power got unleashed and grew more and more day by day. Thank you so much Virginia.”

~ Brian Langer - Auckland, New Zealand

“Welcoming And Safe Environment”

“I had the pleasure of attending Virginia's Ho'oponopono workshop last Sunday.

Virginia creates a welcoming and safe environment to explore our potential and helps us to recognize how we can be the best people we can be. It was an amazing experience. I particularly liked the clearing work we did to make the future a fresh start.”

~ Nikki O'Connor - Reading, Berkshire




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