Mastering The Human Experience: Your Soul’s Journey with Michael Edward Bradford


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Some people asked, Where did I come from? While others asked, What is my Soul Purpose for being here? At some point in our lives we all asked these questions; Where am I going? Why is my life so challenging?, and How do I become happier, healthier and more successful? Michael Edward Bradford, is an international intuitive healer, business mentor, and the author of the international bestselling book, The Healing Energy of Your Hands. His latest book, Mastering The Human Experience: Your Soul’s Journey on Earth, explains your soul’s challenges and opportunities. It is designed to activate your soul’s Knowing and raise your Spiritual I.Q. Join Michael Edward Bradford and me on Tuesday, June 5, 10-11 A.M. CT US. We will be having a conversation about his life’s journey, and how you can improve the quality of your life using the techniques described in his book to activate your Soul Awareness and begin your journey towards enlightenment.

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