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Matt & Kia interview Chris Scott in this episode. He is based in Colorado Springs and he and his wife specialize in helping shoot and burn photographers transition to in person sales and printing. Chris and his wife started out as shoot and burn photographers and switching to in person sales changed their life. Virtual/remote in person sales is a great solution to not having a sales space or working with out of town clients. We just need to educate our clients on what they can do with their pictures. The selling happens in the planning meeting. Don’t miss what Chris would and wouldn’t spend his $1k on - if you’re a consistent listener to this podcast, you’ll be surprised! You definitely want to listen to hear the best advice Chris every received and his mantra for daily life. Chris's Favorite Resources Manychat - chatbot for FB messenger 10x Marketing formula ( Read Full Transcript 00:01 Hey, this is Chris Scott and you are listening to from nothing to profit. 00:05 Welcome to from nothing to profit of photographers podcast with Matt and Kayak where each week they talk to photographers about what is working in their business now so you can swipe those ideas and grow your business faster. 00:21 Hey everybody, so super excited about this episode. So my friend Chris Scott is on, it's going to be a little bit different, um, than some of the other podcasts where, where you've interviewed photographers because Chris, uh, and his wife actually don't live very far from me and Carl or Colorado Springs, but they own a swift galleries as well as um, in Chris. You can tell me more about this, but you also have this whole mission right now where you're trying to move people from shooting burn to in person sales, right? Yup, 00:50 Yup. Absolutely. So we, we run, um, it's a, the printmaker system, which is kind of our education side of things and a swift galleries, which is the tool itself that helps people, uh, well people helps photographers show their clients with their photos, will look like on their walls at the right size and then walks them step by step through an entire in person sales meeting. And we really kind of specialize in helping those shoot and burn photographers make the switch from shooting burden over to in person sales. That's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. And we do that through the podcast too, which is called the print maker podcast. 01:23 Perfect. And Chi, you've never met Chris before, right? 01:26 No, but I'm super excited when you told me what he was talking about. I just feel like that, um, Chris that, you know, I want to, what I, one of the things I want to learn is why you decided to make that, you know, one of your main things is teaching people how to do in person sales. But from my viewpoint, I just feel like that is a way to really change photographers lives and change it from something that they do on the side to something that they can do full time. So that's what I'm guessing you're gonna say, but I'm curious. So, 01:55 Ooh, interesting. Cause I might come at it from a different, a slightly different angle. So the reason that this is so, uh, that we're so passionate about this is because Adrian and I did run our own photography business for a number of years and we started out at a shoot and burn photographers. We made about $150 on average per session. And in our first year of switching to in person sales, we went from those hundred $50 average is $220,000 in that first year. And it was absolutely life changing for us. You know what I mean? It sounds overly dramatic. Like it changed her life. Snow. It did. There is, it's a completely different life when, um, you know, when you're kind of just scraping by to like, okay, we don't really have to worry about money. And we can really choose who we want to work with at this point.

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