Sam Marvin – Episode 023 – A Photographer Podcast Interview


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Today, Matt interviews Sam Marvin Photography, while in Idaho speaking at their convention. Sam is an amazing high school senior photographer in Boise, Idaho. Sam is all about encouraging self confidence and self worth. You don’t want to miss what is working for Sam in his business and how he uses his model program. Sam talks about change and how senior clients are literally different every year. Listen in about how much social media has changed and is still changing. Matt and Sam talk about snapchat vs instagram. Fear of failing and being in our own way is what holds us back. You don’t want to miss what Sam would and wouldn’t spend $1k on. Sam recommends looking for just one nugget in books and conversations. Sam’s parting guidance includes making sure to find your why Book Recommendations: Book: Start with Why, Simon Sinek Clockwork & The Pumpkin Plan by Mike Michalowicz ( & Find Sam Here: CIC Pro labs - print company @sammarvinphotography Read Full Transcript Transcription was done by which means it’s an AI generated transcript. The transcript may contain spelling, grammar and other errors, and is not a substitute for watching the video. Sam: 00:01 This is Sam Marvin and you are listening to from nothing to profit. Speaker 2: 00:05 Welcome to from nothing to profit a photographer's podcast with Matt and Kaia where each week they talk to photographers. I wrote what is working in their business now so you can swipe those ideas and grow your business faster. Matt: 00:22 Hey everybody, Pat Flynn here. Hey, today I have an awesome episode. I'm actually in Boise, Idaho with my friends Sam Marvin. Um, I actually spoke at the PPA Idaho Convention this week and while I was here I was staying with Mark Lewis, Sam and having a really good time seeing what he's doing in his studio. So we thought while we had a minute before his model meetings has senior model meetings tonight, we would do a quick podcast. So for, if you guys don't know who Sam Marvin is, he's obviously in Boise, Idaho and he has an amazing, amazing business up here with high school seniors. Um, does a really good job. So you should definitely check out his, his websites, stuff like that. But we'll definitely ask him some tough questions today. So, so besides being my friend Sam, what else do we need to know about your studio? Or what is something that people wouldn't know about you by just looking at your website? Sam: 01:13 I would guess that the most, the one thing that people wouldn't get just out of my website is how passionate I am about really encouraging self confidence and individual worth amongst our teenagers. And um, that's, that's kind of, I think the one hardest thing that I try really hard to convey. But it may not come across as well. Matt: 01:36 Yeah, no, and I think that's why your business is so successful up here. And you know, we didn't even get a chance to go to grocery stores without be running into clients and people that wanted to stop and talk to you. So obviously you're doing a good job of making those relationships with your customers. So I want to kind of jump right into it and the, the segment may be a little bit longer than normal, but I want to talk about like kind of what's working now in your business. Like, what do you think being a high school senior photographer, like what would you tell other photographers that they need to be focused on besides, you know, making those relationships with their clients and building self worth? But besides that, like what do you think working right now really well in your business? Sam: 02:11 In my business, I think, uh, the thing that really does work is, well, I mean the, the biggest challenge in the senior industry is that you really are trying to please two completely different types of clients at the same time, uh,

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