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Today, Matt and Kia discuss work life balance, specifically with a family/children. When Kia first started work as a photographer, she worked 60 hours a week and that didn’t stop when she had her first two children. You don’t want to miss Kia’s story after a life changing event occured. Kia says you’ll never be perfectly balanced or perfectly comfortable. Shoot for work life integration, versus balance. It doesn't have to be 50/50. Matt talks about how parkinson’s law affects our lives. You don’t want to miss this all the great advice in this podcast! Read Full Transcript 00:00 Welcome to from nothing to profit, a photographer's podcast with Matt and Kayak where each week they talk to photographers about what is working in their business now so you can swipe those ideas and grow your business faster. 00:17 All right, welcome everybody to the podcast today. Matt and I have a very interesting conversation topic that we're going to be discussing and one that is super close to my heart. So Matt, you had a question the other day. What was your question? 00:31 Well, so a lot of people send me messages all the time because I do some coaching and stuff and they talk a lot about worth like more. I can't even speak now, work life balance. And so I feel like I can help them. But there's been a few that I couldn't help lately and it's because it's based around like family. And so I just thought you could answer this better because you got children and what work life life balance work looks like for somebody that is raising kids and has kids and soccer and stuff like that. 01:00 Yeah, yeah. Oh you mentioned soccer. Absolutely. So work life balance is something that I have definitely struggled with over the years and had, I've, I've made a lot of different decisions, tried things, a lot of different ways to figure out how I can be in a comfortable position. And so, uh, just to go back a little bit, I started as a photographer right out of college. So I was married and 22 and uh, working in a family business and I was working 60, 70 hours a week. And then I had my first daughter when I was 25. And so I continued to work 60 or 70 hours a week and just brought her to work with me and then my second daughter was born and continue to work that much and they both would come to work with a nanny and then they were both in a car wreck and they were winning. 01:52 Yes. My girls and the nanny were in a car wreck. She, uh, she took them to the city. We, uh, lived in a city in a small town about 20 minutes outside of the big city, and she took them to the city to get lunch for everyone and was late coming back. Uh, and some of my, someone had said to me, well, she's late getting back. And I was like, yes, with my children, I don't care about lunch, I'm worried about my children. And then we got a phone call and, uh, what had happened is she, her car had, um, my car actually had a hit, a, a piece of metal that had been dropped off the road right in front of her, so other cars and had had swerved and she wasn't able to. And so it had rolled and it was just crazy. 02:38 Like it was the grace of God truly, truly the grace of the car. The car rolled, the car rolled multiple times. Yes. Okay. Yeah. And so you don't know the story, Matt. That's great. Obviously don't, so yeah. So the paramedics came up on the scene, saw all of the, she had actually also gone to the store and bought some like children's toys. Um, this photo session. So there were all these children's toys strewn out all across the road. The car was hanging upside down air, the other car was upside down and they pulled up and they were just sure that they were going to come across a horrific scene. And, uh, they, my five month old daughter and my two and a half year old daughter and the nanny were in the car, they were all perfectly fine except the nanny had like hurt her foot a little bit. 03:23 Like it was like her toes were smashed a little bit.

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