Will Myanmar's Rohingya Return?


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Myanmar’s government wants Rohingya refugees to return, but can it guarantee their safety and way of life? Jonathan Head takes a rare trip to Rakhine state to see the government’s resettlement plans. In Assam state in India, another migrant crisis is on the rise, following a drive to identify and deport illegal immigrants. This has left nearly 2 million people without Indian citizenship. Rajini Vaidyanathan meets some of the people now left stateless. Spain’s northern Basque region has been largely at peace thanks to the end of a four-decade campaign of violence by the separatist group Eta. Guy Hedgecoe reports from a small town where a rowdy bar fight aroused suspicion that Eta’s influence has not entirely disappeared. Yemen is one of the Arab world’s poorest countries, and has been devastated by civil war. Nawal Al-Maghafi, who was born in Yemen, has witnessed the deterioration of her homeland first hand. Since starting in a Seattle garage 25 year ago, Amazon has changed the way many of us shop – but the company has its critics too, especially when it comes to the working conditions in its warehouses. This has led to a PR counter-offensive, and Amazon decided to open its doors to the public. Dave Lee accepted the invitation to take a tour of one of the company’s warehouses in California.

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