An unprecedented US election


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Record numbers of Americans have already voted early in the US elections. The country has become more polarised under President Trump, but it remains to be seen whether the high early turnout is due to heightened political feelings, or concerns about catching the virus on polling day. Nick Bryant reflects on the political state of the nation, and on an election campaign that turned out very differently from how it looked before the pandemic struck. Thousands of young Nigerians have protested in recent weeks against a notorious police unit, the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, or SARS, which became infamous for unlawful killings, torture and extortion. The demonstrations spread from Nigeria’s largest city Lagos, to other parts of the country and even internationally. What had started as taking a stance against police brutality, turned into much more, as Yemisi Adegoke reports from Lagos. In Poland, a ruling from the constitutional court last week outlawed terminations in cases of severe foetal defects - 98% of those carried out last year. Poland already had one of Europe's most restrictive abortion laws, and the new edict has sparked large protests over the past week. Lucy Ash caught up with some demonstrators in the capital Warsaw. Even though far fewer people are flying than usual, Berlin is opening a new airport today, Berlin-Brandenburg. Not that it was planned that way. The modern airport was meant to open a decade ago, but there were repeated delays and it went almost three times over budget. So are the locals glad the big day has finally come? Not really, says Jenny Hill, who’s not the only one in Berlin who will be mourning the old airport, Tegel. Presenter: Kate Adie Producer: Arlene Gregorius

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