Investigating Nigeria's protest shootings


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Nigeria's EndSARS demonstrations have ground to a halt following the fatal shooting of at least 12 people, although that number is disputed. Investigations into the incident are underway and a panel has been hearing evidence in Lagos. But as Mayeni Jones has found out, the search for the truth in Nigeria, involves a great deal of theatre. In China, ethnic Mongolians appear to have become the latest target for an ever-more repressive Communist Party under Xi Jinping. The central government – which is dominated by China’s majority Han Chinese – decided to reduce Mongolian language teaching, which prompted rare protests in China’s Inner Mongolia. Stephen McDonell went there to find out more. America's deep divisions about its attitudes to past and present injustices towards ethnic minorities manifested themselves in reactions to the tearing down of statues or Confederate flags this year. And as Jo Erickson found out when she walked up Mount Evans in Colorado, even the name of a mountain can be controversial - but because of Native American rather than African American history. Sami Kent is of mixed British and Turkish descent, and when he recently returned to live in the Turkish city of Istanbul after spending the first months of the pandemic in Britain, he found his aunt or "hala" much changed. Fear of the virus meant that now, her daily walk, for which she puts her trainers on, is no more than pacing up and down on the balcony. Malta is battling Covid-19 along with the rest of Europe. Quarantine, though, is nothing new to Malta, and its healthcare, good today, was once the envy of Europe. Juliet Rix takes us back to the days of the Knights of Malta, the Order of St John Hospitaller. Presenter: Kate Adie Producer: Arlene Gregorius

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