Lebanon’s Lockdown


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Six months ago, an explosion, caused by improperly stored ammonium nitrate, ripped through the city of Beirut. As the country struggles to rebuild amid a devastating economic crisis, a stringent lockdown has been imposed. In Tripoli, people are taking to the streets in protest. Leila Molana-Allen reports. San Francisco’s District Attorney is pioneering a new approach to tackling crime, focusing on the root causes with social care and drug therapy, rather than prison. Police unions are not convinced, and it’s not clear whether this novel approach to tackling crime, adopted in other liberal cities, will prove effective, says James Clayton. Last week the head of the Swedish Public Health Agency Johan Carlson admitted catching a bus during rush hour, without wearing a face mask. Carlson’s failure to adhere to the new restrictions hasn’t gone down well with the Swedish public. This has been compounded by a series of other breaches by ministers and public officials. It’s causing the country’s traditionally high levels of trust in authorities to wobble, as Maddy Savage reports from Stockholm. When China introduced economic reforms and began opening out in the 1980s, English language learning began with fervour. It remains popular today, with a proliferation of private English language learning schools across the country, but authorities are now downplaying its importance. Journalist LiJia Zhang once worked in a missile-factory – for her, learning a second language was the key to a new life. The Seychelles has two main industries that drive its economy: tourism and fishing. The fishing industry is struggling amid the pandemic, with fewer visitors, but it's also suffered years of mismanagement says Michelle Jana Chan. Presenter: Kate Adie Producer: Serena Tarling

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