The New York Moment


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New York was hit hard in the pandemic, and more than 29 000 died since the first outbreak there. Residents and workers saw a changed landscape – gone were the tourist throngs, and bustling streets – social distancing signs thinned out the crowds and demarcated the streets. Now the city is re-opening and the soul-searching has begun. But Nick Bryant takes solace that the city will still find its way back to recovery. This week, nurses across Kenya went back to work after a three month strike. Doctors who had also walked off the job in December returned last month. There is widespread relief because many feared industrial action in the middle of a pandemic could cost even more lives…So far Kenya is relatively unscathed by Covid-19. But, as Lucy Ash reports, the death of one young doctor from the virus has stirred outrage and exposed some of the failings in the country’s health system. In Belarus, a journalist is on trial for investigating the death of a protester in another example of the crackdown on independent media in the country. Since mass protests started last August following a general election widely deemed unfair, more than 400 journalists have been detained. Abdujalil Abdurasulov visited the capital Minsk last August and witnessed how brutally the authorities dealt with anyone who dared to challenge the regime. Since the 16th century, French streets have regularly been named in honour of notable people. But only a tiny proportion of them bear the names of women. In 2011 - the authorities in Paris decided to tackle the problem by choosing extraordinary women after which to name its newest streets and transport systems. But, as Joanna Robertson reports from Paris, the process of renaming is proving too slow for feminist groups

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