Will Greece and Turkey go to war?


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Greece and Turkey have agreed to hold talks to help defuse their stand-off over disputed gas reserves near their shores. Ankara had deployed a research vessel accompanied by warships near a Greek island, and military exercises on both sides followed, giving rise to fears of war between the two long-term rivals, as Heidi Fuller Love reports from Crete. Pakistan was shocked by the gang-rape of a woman on a motorway leading out of the city of Lahore late at night. Sexual violence towards women in Pakistan is commonplace, but this case led to a backlash, as police appeared to blame the victim. As women come together to campaign for change, could it be a turning point to make everyday life safer for women, asks Secunder Kermani. Peru now has the highest per capita death rate from coronavirus in the world. More than half of the nation’s territory is Amazon rainforest and the indigenous people who live there have been badly affected by the pandemic, but have received little help, with little medical treatment available, as Dan Collyns reports. In the republic of Georgia, there are still people trapped inside ageing Soviet-era institutions, isolated from society simply for having a learning disability or a mental illness. But one woman has made it her life's work to help patients leave these clinical establishments, and to provide family-style homes for everyone she can prove is capable of independent living. Robin Forestier-Walker was invited along to one such rescue mission. Concerts and music festivals around the world have been cancelled but there is one festival that did go ahead, high up in the Alps in Switzerland. It featured live rock music and raclette cheese. Ben Russell went along. Presenter: Kate Adie Producer: Arlene Gregorius

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