“You must come with us!”


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This week’s dispatches, introduced by Kate Adie, are: Steve Rosenberg in Belarus reflects on the history he shares with President Lukashenko, recently re-elected in a poll widely regarded as fradulent. It’s based on their separate links with a small town in the countryside. Yet even these didn’t prevent him from being detained by the regime’s police force. Phil Mercer in Sydney considers the strains being placed on Australia’s cohesion as many of its principal states and territories close their borders to each other. From the maintenance of urgent medical care to opportunistic flits across the country, the restrictions are causing hardship and leading to disaffection. A deal has been initialled in Sudan between its transitional government and the main rebel alliance designed to bring peace to the long-troubled North African state. Hailed by outside governments, the agreement has, however, yet to be endorsed by all parties to the Sudanese conflict. Anne Soy reported on widespread protests in the country last year and considers whether this third peace deal will prove more durable than the preceding ones. Five years after a million migrants and putative refugees arrived in Europe, Nick Thorpe in Budapest assesses how the Hungarian government has handled the flow of people since then – and discovers how some of those he met in 2015 seeking to start new lives in Europe have fared. And finally carol singers and Father Christmases appear each summer on a peculiar day in Boston’s calendar – notably not disrupted by Covid-19 this year – when nearly three-quarters of those who rent their homes in the US city move house. Recent arrival there, Alice Hutton, went to meet her new neighbours to find out what it was all about. Producer Simon Coates

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