A Clear Shot, Primal Rage and The World's Most Extraordinary Homes


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That's right; someone in The Basement watches The World's Most Extraordinary Homes. Wanna fight about it? Wanna know who? Do yah? Well, if you listened to last night's triumphant broadcast on the mighty Radio NL 610 AM Kamloops, you'd know. But, if you didn't, you get the podcast version to enlighten you on these and other mysteries. For one, Jason and Shawn put the new action movie A Clear Shot on the chopping block. This one stars Mario Van Peebles and Marshal Hilton in a racially charged tale of cops and the biggest hostage incident in U.S. history. Sounds timely and intense. Is it? Stick with us! And stick with us you shall, as Jason chimes in on the Bigfoot flick Primal Rage, Shawn catches up with The Sons of Anarchy, and someone admits to watching The World's Most Extraordinary Homes. But who!?! There's also a rundown of streaming options for the week ahead, and a few other reviews for your ear holes. And you get to hear it all right now by pushing play on the player below.

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