The Rene Perez interview and Don't Run


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Jason and Shawn were able to occupy the same space last night -- with social distance measures still in effect of course -- and delivered one of the best 22 minutes of radio in a long time. But if you missed their appearance on the mighty Radio NL 610 AM Kamloops fear not, the podcast version of last night's show is loud and proud! And we've got the full half-hour interview with filmmaker Rene Perez. No measly eight minutes for you guys and gals! Rene talks about his latest film, Cry Havoc, working with Charles Bronson lookalike Robert Bronzi, and how he crafts movies for an audience that doesn't want the squeaky clean, politically correct genre fair Hollywood offers these days. He dives deep into that topic, and why Hollywood isn't taking chances anymore. It's an insightful conversation with a man whose sensibilities are in line with our own here in The Basement. What's Rene say exactly, and what do Jason and Shawn think? Stick with us! And stick around as The Dynamic Duo put Ben Rood's low-budget horror flick Don't Run on the chopping block. Ben had a buck to his name when he made his feature debut, and financed the film by moving furniture and working as a firefighter. Did his efforts pay off? Add reviews of Cooking with Cannabis and Scoob! and you've got yourself the latest podcast... From The Basement! Push play on the player below and enjoy!

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