1/11/23 From The Diamond - Night Shift retrospective and Correa saga conclusion


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With the departure of Luke Jackson, the Atlanta Braves bid farewell to another member of their vaunted "Night Shift" bullpen of 2021. Grant McAuley and Cory McCartney react to Jackson's deal with the San Francisco Giants and reflect on his time and contributions to the Night Shift and the World Series championship. They also discuss what, if anything, is going on at shortstop for the Brave as Spring Training approaches, compare and contract Austin Riley and Rafael Devers' big money deals, and how Boston's infield needs might impact any last minute shopping Atlanta might have in mind. And, of course, they'll discuss the conclusion of the Carlos Correa saga. In under a month, he agreed to sign with three teams and garnered over $900 million worth of offers, but he ends up right back where he started after re-signing with the Minnesota Twins. What does that means for Correa? What does it mean for the Mets? All of that on this week's From The Diamond. Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and find more at FromTheDiamond.com/

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