Episode 03 - Long Term Athlete Development with Bruce Dunning


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In this episode, Frank & Thierry welcome Maverick Volleyball Club Athlete Development Director Bruce Dunning to discuss Long Term Athlete Development. (1:15) - Recommended resource: Play Volleyball Like a Kid by USA Volleyball (From Child's View, Parents Find Full Ice Hockey No-Fun by USA Hockey, Let's See How the Adults Like It by the FA) (4:10) - Recommended resource: Outliers, the Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell (6:40) - Long Term Athlete Development and its canadian debut (9:40) - Shortcomings in canadian sports (LTAD, p. 21) (12:22) - The 10 Key Factors (Sport for Life, LTAD, p. 23) (13:20) - Volleyball for Life (Train to Train, p. 17, Learn to Compete, p. 18) (13:50) - VCDM.org website (12U-Learn to Train B, 14U-Train to Train A, 16U-Train to Train B, 18U-Learn to Compete) (14:22) - Volleyball Canada Skill Matrix (12U-Learn to Train B, 14U-Train to Train A, 16U-Train to Train B, 18U-Learn to Compete) (18:20) - Importance of respecting the competition to practice ratio (20:30) - Maximize windows of trainability (23:30) - Bruce's bio (25:00) - What was Bruce's playing career at York like? (26:33) - What brought Bruce into coaching? (27:45) - Who were some of Bruce's mentors? (28:28) - What would Bruce do differently if he had to start his coaching career again? (31:45) - What is Bruce's coaching philosophy? (32:45) - What are some of the differences between coaching girls and boys? (36:00) - Bruce's thoughts on MVC coaches using LTAD concepts (38:40) - What is MVC doing really well in relations to LTAD (40:02) - Typical LTAD traps for club coaches and how to avoid them (42:20) - How to better connect athletes being transfered to a new coach the following year (45:30) - What are key LTAD concepts to emphasize at each age group (46:15) - Train to train A on court focus (49:14) - Train to train B on court focus (50:20) - Learn to compete on court focus (53:20) - Train to train A off court focus (54:30) - Train to train B off court focus (55:05) - Learn to compete off court focus (57:35) - How rookie coaches can obtain help for some of these off courts items

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