61. Lorri McCrackin - From Broken Relationships to Self Discovery to Top Interior Designer to Coaching Woman Entrepreneurs


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Lorri McCrackin is a sought after Top Interior Designer... but...she never went to school or has a degree for it... She JUST STARTED DOING IT and built one of the most successful design firms in her city, if not western Canada.

Lorri has one of the most genuine hearts; she’s authentic to the bone and has a gift of gently cutting through to people's hearts. She can see through people's walls and helps them see the potential that sits dormant in people. She wakes people up from the inside out. She is currently mentoring other woman in business, enjoying life with her 2 incredible kids and traveling the world. Lorri seeks truth in herself and is committed to growing personally above all else.

During this episode, we’ll learn about Lorri’s personal struggles as a single mother, being in an abusive marriage, and how she’s proud of her relationship she’s built with her kids. We’ll hear about her experience in the construction industry and how she started her interior design career and her new venture in coaching woman entrepreneurs. Lorri discusses how she’s an explorer at heart and her desire for living in different places around the world throughout the year and offers the advice of you “need to be willing to not be perfect” for people who are looking to start a business.


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