Cartoonist Steven Appleby, Sally Abbott, The Hunt and Bacurau


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Steven Appleby’s comic strips have graced the pages of many national newspapers including The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph, and The Observer. Now he’s created his first graphic novel, Dragman - a thriller about August Crimp who discovers that wearing women’s clothing gives him the power of flight. As his superhero alter ego, Dragman, he’s on the case of the missing souls, but can he also use his powers to save his marriage and himself? Playwright Sally Abbott discusses her new play, directed by Kathy Burke, that helps to mark 25 years of Frantic Assembly and their distinctively physical take on theatre. I Think We Are Alone is a multi-stranded story of the connections - and disconnections - between people and their desire for intimacy. Humans hunting humans for sport – this is the theme of two new films, The Hunt and Bacurau, both seemingly inspired by the 1920s short story The Most Dangerous Game. Controversial thriller The Hunt is a satire of the American political landscape, with a liberal elite hunting conservative 'deplorables'; while Bacurau explores neo-colonial tensions with a small Brazilian village held siege by bloodthirsty American and European hunters. Mark Eccleston reviews. Presenter Samira Ahmed Producer Jerome Weatherald

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