The Most Important Financial Focus for Fathers with Matt Rzepka


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Matt Rzepka is a CPA, businessman, and a family man first. What Matt has discovered in his 20 years as a CPA is that there are opportunities that can help families and businesses keep more of their hard earned money through proper income tax planning.

In addition to being a CPA and a CFP® professional, Matt has earned quite a list of licenses & certifications throughout his career. It is the combination of Matt’s training and education, alongside his practical real-world experience that allows him to assist clients in a forward-thinking manner.

Today, he joins the podcast to discuss how he keeps track of family and business, as well as his action steps and strategies for income tax planning.


  • Impact of financial planning to families
  • How to integrate family into business?
  • Family Bank Concept
  • Greatest sources of tension between married couples
  • Investing long term with short term capital
  • 3 places to put your family’s money

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