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A big question people ask us is: What are our biggest frugal fails?

Jen: An RV. She purchased a large 5th wheel to flip and sell for profit. They didn't do enough research and got a deal but it wasn't ideal for selling.

"Our frugality didn't serve us well in that purchase." Next time they'd spend more money to get something newer, that needed less work. Or not even spend more, just start smaller. She also learned she's not good with her hands.

Jill: Back when she was planning to get married they wanted to do it quickly to save money and have less time to make expensive decisions. She found this amazing dress online that inspired her to look for a knockoff dress.

She found a dressmaker in China who promised to make the same dress for $100. She said if it didn't work she'd just wear her sister's dress. The dress came in the mail in a large envelope and turned out to look nothing like what it looked like online... and then realized she didn't want to wear her sister's dress.

At the last minute she had to buy an off the rack dress for $400 and spend $400 on alterations because it was so last minute.

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