How to Pay off Debt on a Single Income w/ Budget Girl, Sarah Wilson


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Notable Notes:

We got to interview budget girl all about living off of one income and how she achieved financial goals on a tiny budget

  • Tell us about your debt payoff journey?
  • What were some of the challenges of paying off your debt as a single person? What were some of the advantages?
  • Now that you have a boyfriend, how do you handle money together?
  • What’s your biggest piece of advice for someone paying off debt on a single income?

BILL OF THE WEEK - Sarah - thanks for sharing with us your dream of a mortgage bill!

Lightning Round

Budget girl’s budgeting tips:

  • Double check numbers - use pen and paper!
  • Give yourself a category of miscellaneous or ‘wiggle room’
  • Have a goal you are working toward (getting out of debt, house, car, travel, etc) this will help you keep from ‘just spending it’

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