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What’s up FLY Zone,

Today’s guest is the beautiful and smart and adventurous, Amanda Zimmerman. She is also my #wcw for the week. (Hey Amanda :)). Amanda is another guest that I reached out to online, after I saw her mentioned in a post on Facebook. I follow her mom, Sue B. Zimmerman, because she’s an Instagram expert, and as I was checking out her page, I came across a post that was congratulating Amanda, who was just recently on a podcast, sharing her experience from living in four cities in four months.

When I saw that, I thought to myself, that is so badass. And what really got me interested in connecting with her is the fact that she is a Millennial as well. As a matter of fact, she is a FLY Millennial.

Amanda is not your average 20-something. After graduating college in 2014 and working at her first 9-to-5, she left her unfulfilling job and lived in 4 cities in 4 months to explore how to truly live with purpose.

Her personal blog, dresseswithpockets.net, houses tales from her nomadic personal journey.

Her 3 Favorite Topics To Talk About are:

    Why college doesn’t prepare students for the “real world”Putting yourself in uncomfortable and unfamiliar situations to push yourself and figure out what you want to do with yourselfCold emailing and reaching out to strangers

In this episode, you’ll discover:

    Amanda’s story (01:20).How Amanda was able to take the leap to leave her job and how her journey started (03:34).If there was any fear/doubt in her mind about what she was doing and how she dealt with it (08:08).How she would address people from the different cities she went to, asking her why she was doing what she did, and how she was able to make money (13:00).What Amanda was doing in each city (15:15).If there was a point during her experience that she thought she was plateauing (19:26).What Amanda got out of her experience from going to four cities in four months and whether she found her calling – she did. Leadership and Personal development for teens (21:30).Why Amanda feels that college doesn’t prepare students for the “real world” – college didn’t stress the importance of networking; actually getting to know people (26:30). The worst thing that can happen when you reach out to a person – they can say no. If they do say no, those are the people you don’t want to meet with anyways (29:20).What wakes Amanda up in the morning and ready to live (30:00).What she did can be replicated. Just take the mindset she had and apply it where you live (32:00).What are steps we could take to do the same thing in our own backyard (33:20).
        Go on Twitter and Instagram and find local people who you are interested in and tap into other people’s social media networksSend them a message to meet
    Did reaching out to people come easy to Amanda – Her suggestion is to force yourself to do it (35:25).A few books that Amanda recommends and the one that inspired her journey (38:15).How her current job fits into what she wants to do because of her VIP (Value, interests, and principals) (42:20).Amanda’s definition of Fulfilling Life’s Yearnings (44:45) – Fulfilling Life’s Yearnings is Taking your seriously.The importance of journaling and when Amanda does it – you can google prompts for journaling (47:20).

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You can find ways to connect with Amanda and learn more about 4 months x 4 cities, as well as other tidbits, below in the Additional Resources Section.

Join the Conversation

My favorite part of doing these podcasts is participating in the conversation they provoke. Each episode, I ask one FLY question. This episode, it is this:

Question: Amanda talked how she forced herself into uncomfortable situations to help her grow. What uncomfortable situation have you put yourself in recently, which helped you grow and/or learn what you are made of? Share your answer on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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