Episode 77: Beyond Just Semicolons & Fractions


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Seeing an under-producing, under-performing, or generally disengaged kid is quite painful. They often struggle to connect with purpose and persevere when school activities get challenging. Sometimes educators attempt to engage children with fear or praise or even by trying to entertain them, which too doesn’t always yield self-driven motivation. The world comes at these kids with a great deal of ideas and suggestions to engage them. So what’s the right way to coach children and adolescents that will lead to intrinsic and self-sustaining effort which ultimately drives student success beyond academics?
On today’s podcast, our guest Mr. Michael Delman, founder of Beyond Booksmart, talks about the best ways to coach children who struggle with attention, organization, and memory because of various ailments, but ultimately are in dire need of change. Coaching is essential in managing problems with underdeveloped Executive Function skills, but its true success it is rooted in interpersonal wisdom.


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