Episode 96: Pro-EF School Culture


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Thomas Wolfe said it best, “Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs”. A school culture and a home culture can have a profound impact on children’s social, emotional, and cognitive development. Executive Function engages the brain’s self-guiding system that takes us from challenges to mastery, from self-blindness to self-awareness, and from indifference to self-compassion. And that’s why it is important that growing brains and young learners from kindergarten through high school receive specific guidance to develop these skills with a strong cultural guardrail that sets the stage for future resilience in anticipation of elevated demands and ongoing everyday unpredictability.

Today’s episode features a team from the Springer School and Center from Cincinnati, Ohio who discusses how their school engages the school leadership, teachers, students, as well as parents to cultivate and promote the ProEF Culture. Springer’s Principal Eldrich Carr, School psychologist and Center Program Coordinator Dr. Mary Mulcahey, and Springer’s Director of Learning Programs Carmen Mendoza will share how best to help children that we know need help.

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