Digital marketing made easy – Alec Gorjestani with the best tips for marketing online


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When it comes to digital marketing, let’s face it – MOST of us look at it like it’s in a foreign language. With STACKS of different software performing different functions and advice coming out your EARS on what the BEST and EASIEST approaches are, it can feel like someone trying to explain how to diffuse a BOMB. What if it didn’t HAVE to be rocket science? What if EVERYTHING you needed to know was all rolled into ONE handy bit of tech? Alec Gorjestani from OfferingTree heard the pleas from health professionals to deliver a service that pretty much does EVERYTHING five or six different programs do on ONE platform. Alec talks tech in SIMPLE terms and maps out the BEST and EASIEST ways you can make the MOST of your website to attract clients and get those BOOKINGS!

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