Ep46: Lorin Nicholson on being legally blind and KILLING it in the massage industry for 30 years


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We often take our senses for granted. Our touch, smell, hearing, SIGHT… all working together to form our EXPERIENCE in everyday life and business. How would you run a successful business WITHOUT one of those KEY senses? Lorin Nicholson runs Advanced Remedial Therapy in Brisbane and has enjoyed 30 years of INCREDIBLE success, all while being LEGALLY BLIND from birth. Lorin has 90% vision loss but has NEVER let that stop him from achieving his DREAMS. IN-FACT, he says it’s an ADVANTAGE, with his vision loss AMPLIFYING his other senses and giving him the ability to FEEL the human body’s functionality in a UNIQUE way. Being legally blind and starting out in the massage industry 30 years ago DEFINITELY came with its challenges. Lorin talks about the difficulties of studying, making the SCARY LEAP from a full-time safety net job to running his OWN business, and changing the PERCEPTIONS of massage therapy in the 1980s and 90s. His mindset has been the DRIVING FORCE behind a 30-year successful career in massage, and you CAN’T HELP but be INSPIRED by his story.

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