FUMS 049 – Dr. Aaron Boster Answers Your MS Questions


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Today's episode of the FUMS Podcast Show features a conversation with Dr. Aaron Boster MD. Dr. Boster is that rare thing - an MS Specialist Neurologist with his own YouTube channel (and over 15,000 subscribers).

In this fun and fascinating chat with Kathy, Dr. Boster talks about his career, his YouTube videos and even has time to answer a selection of questions submitted to the FUMS Facebook Page.

Please Note: we had some technical issues with the early parts of Dr Boster's interview. We hope you agree that everything he shares is so valuable that you'll stick with it!

Topics covered include:

  • How his family's experience of Multiple Sclerosis led Dr. Boster to become an MS specialist neurologist
  • Why he decided to launch his own YouTube channel
  • How discussions in clinic lead to topics for his channel
  • His thoughts on end of life wishes and advance directives
  • Dr. Boster answers a few questions from the FUMS Nation!

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