Harry Hill, Jon Burgerman and Scarlett Thomas


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Not one, not two... but three incredible authors join us this episode! Comedian Harry Hill pops in to chat about his book Matt Millz, doodle expert Jon Burgerman talks to us about Rhyme Crime, and Scarlett Thomas tells us more about Dragon's Green!

There's also an exclusive reading from Harry Hill and we round-up the 5 best books to around right now that you need to stick on your reading list!

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1. Interview: Scarlett Thomas - Dragon's Green (00:00:55)

2. Top 5 Picks (00:04:59)

3. Interview - Harry Hill - Matt Millz (00:11:40)

4. Reading - Matt Millz from Harry Hill (00:21:06)

5. Interview - Jon Burgerman - Rhyme Crime (00:23:51)

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