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In this episode I talk with Irina Guberman. We talk her entry into programming, coming across Erlang at the “perfect time”, importance of learning multiple paradigms, programmable hardware, and more.

Our Guest, Irina Guberman

@irina_guberman on Twitter
iguberman on Github

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Topics [@7:43]

About Irina
How Irina got into software development
What made software development click and be “addictive”
How Irina got introduced to Erlang
Recruiter email mentioning Erlang
Programming Erlang by Joe Armstrong
Finding Erlang at the perfect time
Chicago Erlang Community
Martin J. Logan’s on Episode 13
Eric B. Merritt on Episode 20
Garrett Smith on Episode 56
Encountering “Why should I learn another language” questions
Feeling the pain that Erlang has already solved
Lisp Flavoured Erlang
mnesia in Erlang
“A language that has a database built in”
The beauty of “doing nothing” to support concurrency and distribution
“I like solving problems by doing nothing”
Starting to learn Erlang in 2010
Learn You Some Erlang for Great Good
Erlang and OTP in Action
Importance of marketing and documentation for languages
Phoenix Framework
False idea of “These tools will speak for themselves”
Erlang Performance Lab
Michal Slaski presenting Erlang Performance Lab at Erlang and Elixir Factory SF 2017
Learning how to understand how to structure Erlang applications
Building a Cache chapter in Erlang and OTP in Action
Importance of learning and understanding new paradigms
“Letting go of everything you learned before”
Hardware Definition Languages
Empowering devices for IoT with Erlang and FPGA at Erlang and Elixir Factory SF 2017
Learning a language better by learning other languages
Beautiful Racket by Matthew Butterick
Hour of Code
FPGA – Field-programmable gate array

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