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Funded by Source is here to remind you what you already know deep within as well as awaken you to a new realm of possibility.

We explore the topics of entrepreneurship, creativity, ritual and expanded consciousness in the digital age. We are weaving a new story of abundance - one that’s beyond logic, spreadsheets and hashtags.

I am your host Ksenia Avdulova and my intention is to activate ripples of courage for you to share your own voice and medicine with the world, trusting that when you follow the whispers, you’re fully funded by Source.

In a world of outsourcing, we’ll explore the things that you can only in-Source, revealing the unique path that you came here to walk, creating your own definition of success.

I’m here to hold space of curiosity, play, courageous communication and unwavering trust as we dive between the physical, the digital and the unseen realms.

Synchronicity brought you here because you're ready, and deep inside your soul knows why.

I invite you to listen to the whispers.

Releasing enoughness, receiving aliveness.

With every breath, every thought and every word, creating a new world.

A world where you feel free to share your unique medicine.

A world where we tell a new story of creating, connecting and giving.

A world where you are fully FUNDED BY SOURCE.

Thank you Monica Carota for courageously introducing me to the concept of being Funded by Source, and Michelle Sinnette for being my guide in applying it to my own life.

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