Leave your Ego at the door - Savannah de Savary, Built-ID


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Fundraising expert Julia Elliott Brown, the CEO of Enter The Arena talks with Savannah de Savary, CEO and founder of Built-ID, a proptech company which enables collaboration through innovative technology and empowers communities to have a meaningful impact on property development in their neighbourhood.

Savannah brought her idea to life by working on the technology platform whilst still being employed full-time. She was just 23 years old when she took the plunge and gave up her employed role. Asking for investment didn’t come easy to Savannah, but she realised it was necessary to ask for what you want and leave your ego at the door. She initially raised around £1.7m through high-net-worth Angels and a specialist proptech VC that enabled the business to get off the ground, before a further equity raise of £2m.

In this episode you’ll discover…

  • Why being willing to listen and learn is an underestimated quality
  • The real benefits of having a professional coach
  • How to switch your mentality to thinking not all investors are right for you, rather than you not being the right investee

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