Funegosyo Show #3 – How to Recruit, Retain, and Motivate Good Employees the Shakey’s Way with Vic Gregorio and Jorge Concepcion


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Shakey's Philippines Jorge Concepcion and Vic Gregorio

In this yummy episode I chatted with 2 key people from Shakey’s Philippines: Vic Gregorio, the CEO; and Jorge Concepcion, the General Manager.

Learn how the Shakey’s officers:

  • hire, develop, and retain employees
  • aim to be the employer of choice
  • enhance the fun family brand,
  • minimize the impact of mistakes,
  • enhance their key strategic driver
  • extend their brand by supporting a group that used to get so little attention

Plus… I’m having a pizza delivered to one (or maybe two) listeners who fill out this micro survey:

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