Episode #109: Alice Foulcher and Greg Erdstein


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alice foulcher greg erdstein
Filmmaking couple!

Alice Foulcher and Greg Erdstein are on the show this week. They’re a filmmaking couple who were here in town last month to promote their new comedy That’s Not Me which premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. The couple are married and while they wrote the script together, Alice starred while Greg directed. The story is a tale of twin sisters, both actors, but the one called Polly is very successful and the other called Amy is not. When Polly turns down a soap opera role, Amy jumps at the chance and creates a rift between the two.

alice foulcher greg erdstein

Greg directing a scene

It was great to have this couple visit our studio and have a chat. We talked about the film without trying to give too much away, and we talked about both their histories, their love of filmmaking, and what the filmmaking scene is like in Australia, as that’s where they’re from.

You can learn more about the film at thatsnotmefilm.com and it might just be coming to a film festival near you soon.

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