"Secondhand is the New New" (w/ Ryan MacInnis)


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"Secondhand Commerce" is changing the way that we purchase luxury goods - from watches and handbags to sneakers - secondary markets are finding life after the initial purchase. Plus: Macy's acquires Story in a move to bring experiential retail to the big department store. Special thanks to Ryan MacInnis of Voysis for joining us on this episode of Future Commerce!

Apologies for the audio quality in this episode as we encountered a technical issue. Should be fixed going forward! Thanks for listening!

Main Takeaways:

  • The advent of Voice, AR, and VR is allowing smaller retailers to compete with Amazon and Walmart.

  • Phillip is a hype-beast-in-training.

  • Second-hand and limited-edition may be calls-to-action for consumers.

  • Is Amazon at war with everyone?

  • Mobile-based-commerce may soon overtake desktop.

Ryan (or Brian) And The Rise of Voice in Commerce:

  • Ryan McIness of Voysis is standing in for Brian, and he seems pretty excited about it.

  • Ryan gives some insight into Voysis: "Voysis is a B2B solution that mimics the Alexa experience".

  • "If you have a brand and you want to voice-enable your mobile app, then you come to us, and we make sure its based off your data and your product catalog, the intelligence smart stuff that's related to your brand."

  • Apparently, everyone's going to Vegas to talk about commerce.

  • Voysis puts out an infographic that basically breaks the internet: The shock value may have made this go viral, in it Voysis claims that by 2020 75% of all households will have a voice-enabled device.

  • Phillip points out that a lot of people are really starting to see voice as part of their brands.

  • Also: "It makes you question how your brand voice translates to other mediums and how a brand goes beyond written word or logo."

  • Ryan says that the advent of Voice, as well as AR and VR, has allowed brands to actually compete with Amazon and Walmart.

  • But Amazon does have Alexa.

Old is The New Brand-New: Second-Hand Commerce Edition:

Limited Edition Items Bring All The Consumers to The Yard:

Is Walmart Trying to Challenge Amazon in India?

Amazon Sends Out a Siren's Call to Paypal Users:

Can The Rise of Mobile-Based-Commerce Change Everything?

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