"Nirvana of Personalization"


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Main Takeaways:

  • Adobe moves to acquire Magento Commerce, an e-commerce platform with a massive community.

  • Netflix manages to beat out everyone in a battle of the best content.

  • If users agree to pay for social media, would Facebook ever change its ad-based model?

  • Social media advertising may of turned Phillip into a sneakerhead.

America's Second-Hand Economy: A Tale as Old as Time.

Adobe and Magento: An Acquisition Made in Community Commerce Heaven:

Netflix Rises by Changing the Face of Content Forever:

Is Premium Social Media the Future of Online Socialization?

  • Will Facebook abandon their ad-based model in favor of a paid subscription model, and how would users react?

  • If social media sites did start charging users (or offered premium accounts), it would follow the evolution of content, which through platforms like Netflix and Hulu have moved beyond being dependent on advertisers.

  • Having social media sites dependent on user fees (at least in part) could lead to Facebook becoming a lot more user focused, instead of advertiser focused. This could mean more security and privacy.

Advertising on Social Media: Have Consumers Lost Their Agency to Ads?

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