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Main Takeaways:

  • Amazon takes a third (actually more like fifth) leap into physical retail.
  • Phillip takes a trip down memory lane, was Service Merchandise the original Amazon?
  • This episode would make it into Amazon's 4-star store.
  • Retailers may want to jump on the Amazon copycat train for better in-store curation.

Amazon Opens Yet Another Retail Space: Is Brick and Mortar Back?

What Can Other Retailers Learn From the Amazon In-store Model?

Online vs. In-Store Shopping: Customer Experience Edition:

  • The question remains, why would a customer patronize one of Amazon's brick and mortar stores, be it Amazon 4-star, Amazon Go, or Amazon Books when there's convenience in ordering online?

  • Or if you live in certain parts of the country there's Amazon Prime Now with extra convenient two-hour shipping.

  • Well, it's all about the experience that the customer is looking for, with Amazon in-store and online offering different modalities.

  • An online, Amazon prime experience seems to be all about convenience. And really, who would ever want to have to leave their house to shop?

  • Brian makes the case that this kind of retail experience is all about discovery, and finding the best of Amazon.

  • Phillip time-travels to the 1980's, to a store called Service Merchandise, a catalog store with an Amazon vibe. I.e,. real-world analog Amazon.

Will Amazon 4-Star be the Best of Amazon or All About Alexa?

Retail Tech is moving fast and Future Commerce is moving faster.

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