Wayfair: Building Durable Customer Experiences


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Main Takeaways:

  • Wayfair has curated in-house brands and has seen success due to its focus on customer experience and lack of awareness of brand.

  • Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to customer experience.

  • Wayfair understands that investment in its own teams is the best way to fill gaps in talent.

  • Wayfair is popping up in two physical locations this holiday season.

Wayfair: E-commerce Ahead of Its Time:

How Did Wayfair Manage to Escape House Brand Criticism?

Wayfair Really is The Jimmy Choo of Home-Furnishing-Commerce:

: Seek and You Shall Find Talent: How Wayfair Filled a Gap in The Market:

Is Wayfair Really Trying to Compete With Walmart and Co?

  • Historical retail has been about how to keep costs as low as possible, which puts companies in competition with their supply chain.

  • Steve says that they are really trying to create a platform where everyone can have a successful business, not trying to compete with massive retailers.

  • Brian says that the culture of innovation that Wayfair has is best in class, and questions whether Wayfair would ever move beyond the home market.

  • Steve says that Wayfair's focus really is on crushing it in the home category, and providing the best customer experience.

  • Phillip promises to remind Steve of this moment when Wayfair starts selling subscription boxes.

Wayfair's Brick and Mortar Experiment: Popping up This Holiday Season:

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