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"Stores within stores" is a concept often spoken but seldom understood. With retail closures on the rise we look at how real estate is adapting to new digitally native brands, how flagships are shifting focus, and how companies like Cushman and Wakefield are helping brands get to market faster than ever. Listen now!


Show notes

Main Takeaways:

  • A perfect storm in physical retail vacancies has led to an emerging retail renaissance.

  • Retail space is being utilized to bring a new experience to customers.

  • For brands to survive, retailers need to see the internet as collaborative, not competitive.

  • The most interesting store in the world is bringing new commerce straight to interested customers.

  • Community seems to be the future of commerce, can consumers bond over toilet seats?

The Retail Renaissance: The Re-Emergence of Brick-and-Mortar:

  • Brandon Singer of Cushman and Wakefield explains that there have been two factors that have led to an uptick in traditional retail space vacancies: The rise of the internet, and e-commerce, and an increase in the cost of renting and maintaining space in new york city.

  • Now, brands, as well as large tech companies and even some familiar faced traditional retailers are finding new innovative ways to utilize their space in a way that brings a sense of experience to their customers.

  • Brian points out that though the United States is one of the most over-retailed countries, retail is still on the rise in new and exciting ways.

  • Brandon makes the point that when the internet really started everyone said e-commerce was the end of brick and mortar retail.

  • Lots of brands are moving from online to brick and mortar even if they're traditionally online are realizing that having a brick and mortar location can help increase customer retention and in-store experience.

  • Phillip points out that in-store experience is also about entertainment.

Internet vs. In-Store: Collaboration Not Competition:

The Most Interesting Store In the World: A New Kind of Mall:

Community Driven Commerce: Making Shared Values Cool Again:

Can Suburban & Rural Commerce Keep up With Changes in Retail?

Brandon Singer's best advice for retailers going forward: Brick and mortar and online are not competitive they are collaborative. Also, create the best in-store experience possible, millennials are going to want to experience your brand, so build that in for your customers in a brick-and-mortar setting.

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